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Venios GmbH and Smart Grid Solutions AG partner with Panitek Power AG

After the completion of the first pilot/demonstrator with one of India’s largest private utilities, the partnership will become a preferred supplier to utilities countrywide as India embarks on its journey to modernize its infrastructure to deploy 175GW of renewable energy and shift to e-mobility.

The Indian government has announced one of the largest and most ambitious renewable capacity expansion programs in the world. In addition, it has embarked on a program to move to e-Mobility in the coming years. As Distribution System Operators (DSOs) currently have limited insight into the day-to-day workings of the low voltage grid, the continued growth of renewable energy feed in and electric vehicle charging will rapidly increase the need for new solutions to deal with the strain on the already weak low voltage grid infrastructure.

The innovative and proven solutions provided by combining the SGS smartbox and Venios Energy platform (VEP) will result in Real-time visibility and Grid Infrastructure optimization of the low voltage grid which will help with voltage stability, reduce current congestion leading to loss minimisation for a safer and more reliable grid. The tools will support asset management decisions in ensuring that the current infrastructure is utilized to its full potential and saving on unnecessary investments.

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