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Leapfrogging to smart energy

We accelerate India’s transformation into a more sustainable future by connecting cleantech innovation with the economic market demand.

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Our 4 verticals

We build clean technology businesses in India through the transfer of innovative technologies from Europe.

Given the attractiveness of India as an investment destination, a growing number of smaller and medium-sized enterprises in Europe look to India as a strategic market for their products and services. Different from large multinational companies, these SMEs do not have any infrastructure or capabilities in India and look for partners, such as Panitek, to build their presence in India. We are focusing on four industry verticals that are estimated to represent a market of about USD 40 billion within the next 5 years.

Smart Cities

Cities are major sources of energy demand, making up for around 75% of all energy consumption globally. In 2015, the Indian government launched the smart city mission across 100 cities. Its purpose is to promote a clean and sustainable environment and give a decent quality of life to their citizens through the application of “smart solutions”. We have partnered with eSave AG, a leading … Our venture in this vertical is Panitek Smart Energy where we deploy smart lighting solutions for municipalities, residential properties ……

Smart Grid

As smart grids become more integrated, they are able to address key issues like reducing AT&C losses, peak load management, integrating renewable energy, congestion and asset management. We focus on technologies such as distribution grid management, demand side flexibility. We have partned with Venios and Grid Instruments …

Smart Cooling

India faces are considerable lack of cooling. This includes demand for logistics cold-chain, clean room and data room infrastructure, all of where cooling plays a critical role. Within this vertical we intend to capture a part of these market segments by partnering with one of Europe’s leading cooling solution providers.

Energy Storage

India’s transition to renewable energy sources poses new challenges to utilities to maintain a stable grid. Stationary energy storage allowing utilities to better perform load balancing will be critical for India’s transition away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources. We intend to capture part of this market through deploying and adapting for the market innovative European technology.

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