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Shaping India’s cleantech agenda

The Indian government’s decision to become Net Zero by 2070 is triggering significant opportunities in renewable energy and enabling technologies for international SMEs and investors.

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Leapfrogging to a sustainable future

Over the last 15 years, the founders of Panitek Green Ventures have been building relationships with over 100 European cleantech companies. Along this path, they have engaged with Indian regulators and conglomerates, developed numerous go-to-market strategies and implemented lighthouse projects. Panitek Green Ventures established exciting ventures in India. 

Creating a bridge for European SMEs to India

We developed go-to-market strategies for 12 innovative companies and built lighthouse projects with Indian clients. Our achievements have been widely recognized and we are frequently invited to speak at international symposiums such as the WEF in Davos and COP 28 in Dubai.

Li-ion battery technology transfer to India
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Panitek Green Ventures developed a go-to-market strategy for Leclanché, Switzerland's leading battery technology company. It developed lighthouse projects in stationery and mobility sectors and facilitated the creation of a Joint Venture with India’s leading battery manufacturer, Exide Technologies. The Joint Venture led to the build of a Li-ion module manufacturing unit, which was commis-sioned in Gujarat in 2021. Panitek Green Ventures earned advisory and success fees.

Pioneering role in wind energy in India
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The founders of Panitek Green Ventures developed, built and operated one of India’s first utility scale wind power plants using German technology. The plant was commissioned in 2008 and led to the development of a follow-on plant commissioned in 2010. The founders entered into a long-term power purchase agreement with a local utility. To fund the projects, the team closed India’s first non-recourse debt financing of a renewable energy project. It generated and sold carbon credits to an international client and listed the company on the Alternative Investment Market of London Stock Exchange in 2009. The company was sold in 2014.


Our business model

We enable the transition to a sustainable future. Within the context of our industrial verticals, we deliver value-building through a proven business model:

  • Matching the Indian opportunity with the European partner and its technology.

  • Owning the exclusive rights to deploy and localise the technology in India.

  • Adjusting the technology and business model for the Indian market to improve the total cost of ownership.

  • Extracting additional revenue streams specific for the Indian market through localising the product offering.

  • Developing country-specific IP.

We have a four-phased approach towards capturing the business opportunities in India. Our strategy is to de-risk the opportunity during an incubation phase before managing the venture through its growth phase.

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