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Real-time, digital twin grid management solution

As a part of the Utility 4.0 transition, Venios provides an innovative, safe and transformative solution for real-time monitoring and digitalization of the distribution network. As the low voltage grid becomes the backbone of the economy with increasing penetration of electric vehicles, roof top solar and increased cooling load, understanding and modernization of the LT grid becomes essential.


  • Improve operation of the LT Grid through real-time information

  • Easy monitoring and control of bi-directional grid assets like RTPV, EV chargers and ESS

  • Seamless integration with various data sources, including existing SCADA, GIS, smart meters, EVSEs and other third-party applications

  • Helps in prognosis; can carry out technical feasibility tests, load forecasting all in one package

  • Highly scalable, secure, cost-effective and future proof solution


  • Optimization of CAPEX and OPEX; RoI is approximately 1 - 2.5 years *

  • Optimize time and effort for network planning by 10%*

  • Reduce network expansion by up to 40% by exploiting flexibilities**

* Based on current estimates of existing customers ** Estimates from DENA (German Energy agency) distribution network study

Watch a video on how the VEP works: Click Here

About Venios:

Venios GmbH is a German company that has been developing innovative software solutions since 2012, especially for the efficient handling of new challenges in energy supply. The company brings Venios Energy Platform (VEP) which allows the Spatio-temporal analysis of electrical energy systems.

This state-of-the-art VEP solution is already implemented at 40+ DSOs across Europe, monitoring 4000 low-voltage grids with over 2 million assets live on the platform and now the company extends its solutions to the Indian market.

Venios GmbH and Panitek Power have entered into a partnership for bringing this solution to India. Panitek has successfully carried out a demonstration project to highlight the concept of “digital twin” with one of India’s largest private utilities (BSES Rajdhani) in New Delhi.

Venios won a competition organized by the VDE FNN (VDE|FNN is the technical regulator for power grids in Germany) with whom Venios will develop an app by the end of 2020, with which the system status of a region can be monitored on the basis of VDE-AR-N 4141-1 (network status monitor).

To know more about Venios: Click Here

We are more than happy to provide a demo of the platform and explain how this solution could add value to your distribution grid. Reach out to:

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