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We Work Together With You To Navigate The Indian Market

With the know how of the Indian market, we scale up operations in the country with the largest renewable energy expansion plan globally.


Build An Indian Venture
That Performs

Together we enter the Indian market, set up an Indian venture and make sure your technology is tapped to its true potential.

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We scale up technologies in emerging markets

We invest smart capital and expertise in joint ventures in India to scale up innovative cleantech technology.

We innovate the route to market

We identify the main routes to market by interacting with various stakeholders in the Indian cleantech market.

We create the market in the Indian energy sector

With access to relevant stakeholders and regulators and an experienced team in India, we create the market in India.


The Panitek Advantage

Opportunities to Capitalize in India

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Smart Grids- Demand Side Flexibility:

Target: 200 GWh by 2030

Current Market: Currently, energy balancing is happening on the generation side so DSF is still in the pilot stage.

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Smart Streets Lighting System:

Target: 19.5 million streetlights by 2030

Current Market: A Total Accessible Market of 35 million streetlights in February 2021. A total of 8.2 million streetlights in 2018-2019.

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Energy Storage for Mobility:

Target: Over 1400 GWh by 2032

Current Market: 5.4 GWh by December 2020.

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Stationary Energy Storage:

Target: Over 1000 GWh by 2032

Current Market: 4.6 GWh in March 2022 (installed, tendered, announced)

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Smart Meter rollout:

Target: 250 million smart meters by 2035

Current Market: Around 4.2 million by April 2022.

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Green hydrogen:

Target: 5 million tonnes p.a. by 2030

Current Market: This technology is still in the pilot stage in India

Our Portfolio

We are creating a wave of sustainable energy by partnering with leading technology companies.


"The Venios Energy Platform offers a scalable, flexible, secure, and future proof platform to helps DSOs monitor, control their lower and medium voltage grids. With an increasingly volatile and decentralized energy system, we see ourselves as the backbone of the energy grid for all those who want to promote the energy transition across the globe. Panitek helped us understand the intricacies of the Indian power sector and introduced us to key players in India. This led to our first pilot with BSES in New Delhi.”

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-Dr. Jonas Danzeisen (CEO, Venios GmbH)

Case Studies

Successful projects with our partners.


To partner with us, contact our Growth Advisor.

Parag Vyas, Chief Commercial Officer

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